Residents of Altanur

Selena- 18. Small boned, with sharp cheekbones she is athletic and fond of  dying her hair whatever color she thinks will upset her mother the most.  Swapped at birth she has no idea how to adjust to her new life.

Kiri- 400 years old. Slender brown skinned female. Approximately 5ft 7 with black hair. Wears feathers & glitter woven through her braids. Dark gray eyes. She is sweet by nature, but short tempered. After her own harrowing experience as a changeling the Queen placed her in charge of retrieval. She is the first courtier to greet every new arrival and direct them to their sponsor.

Queen Fleur- She stopped keeping track of her age sometime before the Dark Ages. Ruler of Altanur for the last 1000 years she enjoys watching the playful whirl of the court from her throne.   As long as her people are having fun she doesn’t care what they do, it was her idea to pull Altanur completely out of sync with humanity so that no one can stumble into the city via the old ways. She has recently begun to show some signs of age, but her mind is still sharp. The color has bled from her skin and hair over the years, and she has taken to wearing cream, bone, and ivory knowing those colors that make her look more ethereal.

Jason -Another recent returnee to Altanur he misses his human family, despite the problems he had with them before he left the human world. Clinging to some of the trappings of humanity has made him a bit of an outcast especially since he prefers walking to flying thus leaving him to travel alone most of the time. He finds the life of constant leisure tedious and prefers to spend his time in the library or in the Under City.

Nicolette- Selena’s sponsor, she came of age during the French Revolution. A tall blonde with piercing green eyes, she wears a glittering crown, and leads a band of merry young fairies that have risen steadily over the years in the Queen’s favor. She hopes to be the next Queen and has only agreed to sponsor Selena in an effort to curry favor.

Kier- Jason’s sponsor. He is one of Nicolette’s band. He was fond of hunting and fighting before he was summoned back to Altanur. He finds the quieter games of the court boring, and was one of the first to sport a glittering crown though others have followed suit over the years.

Blue & Belle- Twin sisters, they fought in more wars than either can remember in the days when the Altanur and the human world were in sync. Now they maintain the library and debrief each changeling about the state of the human world upon their return. Statuesque redheads they enjoy being disconcerting.

Unseen Ones-they tend to the needs and wants of the court without ever being seen.

This isn’t a complete list, but it should give you some idea of what kind of people live in this world. Expect a map to happen eventually along with a glossary of terms.


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