Selena’s human family

Karen Newly. 37 years old. Selena’s mother in the human world. The child Selena was switched for died shortly after birth and on some level Karen’s hostility is due to her first being told the baby would not make it. Karen expected to be free & has always resented the fact that her nebulous plans to do something with her life have been thwarted by Selena.

Dottie Newly 80 years old. Karen was a surprise and a disappointment. A strong willed woman who lived through the Depression she has kept her daughters close through a mixture of financial pressure and emotional manipulation. She has no use for men and isn’t supportive when her daughters are involved. The combination of nitpicking, lack of consistent financial or emotional support, & her overbearing personality mean that the daughters don’t like her even as they vie with each other for her approval.

Rochelle “Rosy” Newly. 48 years old. Karen’s oldest sister, and the aunt that alternates between offering to raise Selena for Karen, and wanting nothing to do with anyone in the family. Always in and out of favor with the grandmother she has a habit of stealing whatever valuable trinkets she can find to sell so that she has some money of her own. Married and divorced three times she has spent most of her life scheming to get rich and failing every time.

Lynn Newly 40 years old. Dottie’s frequent favorite she is the only aunt to consistently hold a job. Single, she lives in the house so that she can keep an eye on things and save money. Selena’s favorite relative, because she continually reminds the teen that one day she can leave home and not look back.


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